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Name - Collector's edition

Description - This Pokémon is built to be able to use an item/s not typically seen in competitive Pokémon.

Justification - Items have been an extremely key aspect of battling for the past 2 decades of competitive Pokémon, with the item highly determining the set and role that a Pokémon performs in a team. In these past gens (especially in SWSH) items like Heavy Duty Boots, Leftovers and the Choiced items are seen present in nearly every team, largely drowning out other options for items with the exception of rare cases such a Power Herb Stratagem or Loaded Dice Baxcalibur. This concept aims to explore an item more rare than the above examples and create a Pokémon that uses it to its fullest extent.

Questions To Be Answered -
  • What are the most common items in the current metagame? What led to these items becoming so common?
  • How can a Pokémon justify running an item that isn't common, which items can make it worth it? What makes it so good?
  • Are there any examples of said items being used sucessfully in the past on viable sets?
  • What traits about a pokémon led to it using these items? How does it justify running these items instead of more common options?
  • What role can this pokémon employ that leads to it being able to use a rarely seen item?
  • Should we focus on only using one particular item, or would it be better to explore a whole group of them?
  • Should we look to only explore more the items themselves or should we look to explore any unique interactions they might have (Fling, Trick, etc...)?
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